Axe Facts: Facts About Hurricane Katrina

In New Orleans' 289-year history, the city has flooded 27 times, about once every 11 years. National Geographic

Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast on August 29, 2005. At sea, it reached Category 5 strength, but by the time it made landfall in the Gulf Coast, it weakened to a Category 3 storm. As the storm moved through Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama, it created an official disaster zone of 90,000 square miles. National Climatic Data Center

Over a million people from the Gulf Coast were displaced by Hurricane Katrina. The Brookings Institution

A local oil refinery spilled a million gallons of oil in Chalmette, contributing to the nearly 8 million gallons of oil that contaminated Katrina’s floodwaters. Virtually unreported, this is one of the largest oil spills in United States history. National Resources Defense Council