Produced, Directed and Written by

Lucia Small and Ed Pincus

Executive Producer

Bruce Twickler

Principal Cinematography

Ed Pincus

Editor, Sound, and additional camera

Lucia Small

Original Score

Todd Horton

Associate Producers

Bill Finnegan
Melanie La Rosa
Emma Piper-Burket

Assistant Editors/ Producers

Keith Wasserman
Keresey Proctor

Graphics and Animation

Dave O’Gara
Markus Janner
Amber Le
Alex Shum

Home Movies

Linda Dumas

Consulting Producer

Linda Morgenstern

Major Support Provided by

Docema, LLC
Tillman Gerngross
Barry Hershey
The Sundance Institute
The LEF Foundation

Thank You To All Those Appearing in the Film

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Laurel Turner
Lolita Brown
Kizzy Hatcher
Pastor Arthur Brown
Marvin Hatcher

Cincinnati, Ohio

Victoria Elfer
Colton Loomis
Mary Northart
Tori Elfer

Murray, Kentucky

Cherry Jackson
Colleen Anderson
Tara Jackson

Joe Wheeler State Park,
Northern Alabama

Donna Thompson
Julius Thompson
Darrell Reed
Larry D. Miller
Olivia Reed
Ramona “Mona” Reany
Susan Cross
Ray Cross
Joe Cross

New Orleans, Louisiana

Man on street
David Averbuck
Jimmy Brown
Lisa Brown

Chalmette, St. Bernard Parish

Dave Mouse
Luke Marengo
David Loomis

Gentilly, New Orleans

John Fogarty
Jaime Cooper
Trudy Cooper
Missing Sister

Baker, Louisiana

Joseph Griffin
Judah Becker
Reverend Charles Jackson
Linett Dixon

Upper Ninth Ward, New Orleans

Spud Wallace
Nonnie Wallace

Hopedale, Louisiana

Henry Morgan
Judy Morgan
Bernard Johnson
Marie Reedy

Lower Ninth, New Orleans

Noah Morris
Brandon Darby
Malik Rahim
Lisa Fithian
Man with gas mask
Trone Holmes
Ruth Creecy
Milton Creecy
Carlton Brown

Austin, Texas

Linda “Tiny” Dumas
Jacqueline James
Linda “Red” Goff
Bruce Achelles
Ruth Young
Keyionda Goff
Taisjanea Goff

Additional Credits


Morgan Faust

Additional Editing

Bill Finnegan
Melanie La Rosa

Additional Camera

Henry Morgan
Keith Wasserman

Artwork and Photoshop

Heidi Albright
Scott Brightwell
Bill Finnegan


Susan Norget Film Promotion


Richard Fomo
Laurel Greenberg
Lance Hill
Matt McMakin
Ann Petron
Jonathan Tilove

Production Assistant

Eric Mintz

Online Services Provided by


Post-Production Supervisors

Joe Monge
Andy Young


Bill Stokes

Audio Supervisor

Carmen Borgia

Sound Design and Audio Mix

Kevin Wilson

Online Editor

John Rehberger

Legal Services Provided by

Donaldson & Hart
Michael Donaldson and Lisa Callif

Stock Footage Courtesy of

Thought Equity Motion
NBC News Archive
Global ImageWorks, LLC

Excerpt from Black Natchez Courtesy of

Ed Pincus and David Neuman

Music Produced and Recorded by

Todd Horton

Soulsearch Music
© 2007 Hortonology Music ASCAP


Featured Musicians

Keisha Hutchins - vocals
Steve Smithie - guitars
Tim Givens - bass, cello
Mike Kaplan - piano

Additional Musicians

Bruce Brackman - clarinet
Charlie Fardella - trumpet

Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child

Arranged by TODD HORTON
Copyright © 2007 by
The Axe in the Attic, LLC
All Rights Reserved